RPS-NODE-9255 Single Port, Web Based Remote Power Switch

Your RPS-NODE-9255 package includes:

  • The RPS-NODE-9255 Remote Power Switch Unit. You will need to supply a standard PC power cable to power the device.
  • Units are shipped individually in industrial (OEM) grade packaging
  • A printed manual is not supplied. We maintain our manual online for this product to allow for updates and revisions as needed. Software downloads are also available 24/7 days per week from this site.
Hardware Layout and Installation.

  • A Standard PC Cable is used to power the RPS-NODE-9255 Unit. It connects to the back of the unit.
  • The Output Power Socket is located on the top of the unit. Maximum Output is 8 Amps.
  • The RJ45 Ethernet Network Cables goes into the port on the side of the unit.
  • The RESET button is depressed using a paper clip and held down for approx. 9 seconds to reset the unit back to factory defaults with an IP address of
  • The Status Indicator Light will glow RED when the power to the Output Electrical Socket is OFF and GREEN when the power is ON.
  • The RPS-NODE-9255 does not have an external ON/OFF switch. When power is supplied to the device, it is ready for operation.
  • Your ROUTER will need to port forward both TCP/UDP packets to the IP address of the RPS-NODE-9255 Unit on your internal network. This will enable you to control your Remote Power Switch from anywhere on the internet using your web browser.
  • The Product Code for the US Version of the unit is RPS-NODE-9255-US and is pictured on the left.

  • The RPS-NODE-9255 is available in several foreign electrical sockets
    as noted above. Lead time for conversion and shipment with the above configurations typically is 7-10 business days.

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