RPS-NODE-9255-WiFi Single Port Remote Power Switch


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Single Port, WIFI connected, Web Based Remote Power Switch. $219.00

The RPS-NODE-9255-WiFi is a industrial grade single port remote power switch that allows you to control the power status of connected devices over the internet through your local WIFI network. The unit is small in size, 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.0″ ( 90 x 90 x 80 mm height ) but very big on features. It will monitor your network devices and automatically reboot upon failure, or allow you to manually access its internal web server to control the power. Built in scheduling allows for timed power on / off configuration. This industrial grade aluminum case remote power switch handles up to 12 Amps. It is available in 5 standard global socket types for worldwide usage. Utilize your WiFi network for power control of your critical equipment or use your Cellular WiFi Hotspot to place a remote power switch at any location.

FEATURES: Secure Password Access to Web Based GUI from your Desktop or Smartphone using your Internet Browser. Controllable by Telnet or EMAIL. WPS Configurable Power Control of 1 individual electrical port ( socket ) 12 Amp Max limit. 110-120V US Voltage and 220V • Command Line HTTP control of the power socket. Support for DDNS, Nonstandard HTTP port access, Auto-Ping Reboot, SNMP Typically Ships within Two – Four Business Days or sooner! Email Alerts Does not require any additional drivers. Monitors Temperature, Voltage and Current Used. Compatible with all operating systems. 1 Year Warranty


Feature Rich Single Port WiFi Remote Power Switch
All Metal Construction, 12 AMP Max.
Individual Nodes can be placed in multiple locations on your network. These units are small, lightweight with powerful monitoring and power control options.
Product Code RPS-NODE-9255WiFi-US
$319.00 Each

For Online Orders
List Price $379.00
220V Euro Versions $339.00 Each
Built In AUTO-PING will automatically reboot connected devices based on your criteria. Scheduling allows for timed power on / off.



The RPS-NODE-9255WiFi allows you to restore functionality to any electrical device on a ethernet or WiFi network by using a simple user-friendly Web-based GUI and an Internet browser. It can reboot, or power ON or OFF, any PC or device, running any operating system.


    • WiFi – Wireless 802.11 – b/g and WPS Configuration Option. Also has standard Network Port.
    • Access from anywhere on the Internet via your web browser using the built-in web server.
    • One Electrical Port on the top of the unit allows for individual power on/off control.
    • 110-120V US, 12 Amps Maximum, 220V Euro Sockets available in 4 different types.
    • 1 Year Warranty For Shipments to USA/Canada.
    • US Version Typically Ships in 2-4 Business Days, 220V Versions in 7-10 Business Days
    • Secure Password Access to the web interface
    • Can be controlled via email.
    • Command Line HTTP and Telnet control of individual power socket. Programmers can control the remote power switch within your custom designed software.
    • Schedule power on/off and initiate WOL (Wake on Lan)
    • Operating Temperature Range: 32°F ~ 140°F
    • Optional IR Handheld Remote Controller allows power control without login. Point and Control the Power.
    • Size 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.0″ Height, Weight Approx. 1 LB. 2 Ounces (510 grams)
    • The power port can be delayed through the web interface to prevent surges.
    • Allows you to PING a network device and upon failure initiate a reboot.
    • Supports power On or Off, in addition to Reboot
    • WEP / WPA / WPA2 Wifi Network Connections are supported.
    • Remote access from the internet allows reboot from any location saving costs associated with a technician going to the site. The WIFI connection allows cableless network access.



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USA, GE 220V, FR 220V, UK 220V, AU 220V

Power Cord USA 120V

No Power Cord, USA 120V 2 Ft Power Cord, USA 120V 6 Ft Power Cord

5 lbs
8 × 6 × 5 in