RPS-SP4L – 4 Port Combination Telephone and Network Based Remote Power Switch



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Product Summary

A 4 Port Remote Power Control Unit with access by telephone and web. The 4 ports can be individually controlled by telephone or accessed through the devices web interface from your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone. This unit has many enhanced features including an AUTO-PING reboot function (Tier 3), FIREWALL, scheduled power on/off, electrical current monitor LED, temperature monitoring, reboot, delayed on/off, up to 4 user accounts, Email, SMS, SMNP access, voice prompting and Log file of all activities. 120V US and 220V International available. An 8 Port Model is subject to Availablity. Review the Online Manual for full information. Three different versions are available. Click Here to View (PopUp).


Advanced Power Control and Monitoring
A Dual Accessible 4 Port Web and Telephone
Remote Power Control Switch For Your
Computer / Server / Router etc.

Product Code: RPS-SP4L-1
$397.00 Each
( With Tier 1 Software Features )
For Online Orders
List Price $440.00
Product Code RPS-SP4L-2
$434.00 Each
( With Tier 2 Software Features )
For Online Orders
List Price $477.00
Product Code RPS-SP4L-3
$485.00 Each
( With Tier 3 Software Features )
For Online Orders
List Price $539.00

With Auto-Ping Reboot

All Versions are Web and Telephone Accessible for Power Control !


Limited Availability – Eight Port Version.
The RPS-SP4L allows you to restore functionality to a crashed PC, router, modem or other device from any computer on the Internet by using a simple user-friendly Web-based GUI and an Internet browser OR by telephoning the unit and entering your security code through a VOICE PROMPT menu system. It can reboot, or power ON or OFF, any PC or device, running any operating system.
  • Access from anywhere on the Internet via your web browser using the built-in web server.
  • Telephone the unit and control the power on each of the FOUR POWER PORTS for fail safe control of internet devices.
  • 4 Electrical Ports on the rear of the unit allow for individual power on or power off control.
  • 110-120V US, 15 Amps Maximum on all ports, with a 6 Amp individual port limit. 220V Version Available.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Power OFF/ON by the temperature of the RPS-SP4L Unit
  • Email, SMS, SMNP notifications are available.
  • Receive Current Draw(amps), Temperature and IP address by Telephoning the device.
  • Up to 4 Individual user accounts depending on version.
  • Operating Temperature Range 32° to 140°F
  • Secure Password Access to the web or telephone interface
  • Dimensions: 13.1″W x 6.0″D x 1.75″ Height
  • AUTO-PING REBOOT UPON FAILURE with our Tier 3 Version ( RPS-SP4L-3)
  • Separate LED’s for the power condition of each of the 4 ports.
  • Schedule power on/off with our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Firmware/Software Installed.
  • Each port can be individually delayed upon startup to prevent surges.
  • Supports power On or Off, in addition to Reboot
  • Easy Setup with Network Installation / Configuration Wizard
  • Eliminates costs associated with a person physically rebooting your PC or other device.
  • Combines an out-of-band (Telephone) and a web based remote power control solution into one unit.
    If you just need a Telephone Remote Power Control Device, the RPS II Remote Power Switch or our DUAL PORT RPS IV Voice Prompt Power Reboot Unit may work for you.
    If you are seeking a web based remote power switch, see our RPS-ERP-2 Unit.
    CLICK HERE to Purchase After Sale Rack Mount Kit for RPS-SP4L.


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Tier 1 – 120V USA, Tier 2 – 120V USA, Tier 3 – 120V USA, Tier 1 – 220V Euro, Tier 2 – 220V Euro, Tier 3 – 220V Euro

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