RPS-SP4L – Remote Power Switch FAQ’s


The RPS-SPL4 allows you to reboot multiple PC’s and devices from your home, office, on a holiday or in the middle of the night It will eliminate prolonged downtime, travel expenditures and other costs associated with a person physically rebooting your PC or other device. You can reboot a crashed PC from any computer on the Internet using the Web-based GUI and an Internet browser or Telephone the unit for an out-of-band solution. In its Tier 3 version, the unit can monitor an internet device via ping, and reboot that device by cycling the power upon failure.

What are the electrical specification of the RPS-SPL4 Remote Power Switch?
There is a 15 amp max. for all ports with a 6 Amp maximum per individual port. 4 switchable electrical ports are on the RPS-SPL4 unit. 110-120V USA or 220-240V Euro.


Do you have a European Version of the RPS-SP4L available?

YES, You can order yours online by selecting the 220V option. .


What are the dimension of the RPS-SP4L Unit?

13.1" Wide x 6.02" Deep x 1.75" Thick. Weight is approx 3.53 lbs.


Does the remote power control unit RPS-SP4L require any drivers for operation?

The RPS-SP4L does not require any drivers, making it compatible with any operating system. You just need a web browser to access the built in webserver or you can access the power control functions via a telephone.


How do I reset my login password? I forgot it !

If you forget your password, press the reset button next to the Phone/Network LED. It will reboot the device and set the user name to admin and password to admin and telephone password to 123456. The IP address of the unit will also revert to


I can’t connect to the default IP address configured at Sometimes I can, but then the connection ‘goes away’. Help!

This happens when you do not have a ‘gateway address’ set in the remote power controllers network configuration screen *OR* the gateway address is incorrect. You need to set the Gateway address to that of your router on the same subnet as the RPS-SPL4. For instance, if you are using the factory default settings of, netmask of, the gateway would usually be set to The IP Address of would be the IP address of your router/switch.( It does not necessarily have to be, but should be the whatever IP address that you have configured for the router.)


What is the warranty period on the RPS-SP4L?

The remote power switch comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty is not applicable if the device has been exposed to power surges, damaged, the case has been opened, environmental hazards, temperature extremes, improper installation or mishandling.


Will you ship out of the USA or Canada?

YES. Shipping/Handling is calculated in your shopping cart during checkout.


Can I change the password to login to the RPS-SP4L ?

YES, the default password for login is admin and user name is admin . The interface allows you to easily change the password of the unit to whatever you desire. View the CHANGE PASSWORD screen by clicking here.


What is the discount for buying multiple units?

Well, there is not any! Devices such as this typically sell for over $500. WE OFFER A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and a ONE YEAR WARRANTY for orders shipped in the USA and CANADA!


How long have you been selling Remote Power Switch Products ?

We have been selling inexpensive high quality remote access devices since 1990.


Can I read your Instruction Manual Online?

YES Click Here! For full information.