RPS-ATX Computer System Reboot Device.

Have an ATX Motherboard which you are unable to reboot remotely?
Need a device that closes a contact upon power up?

Some ATX Computers require you to push the power button on the front of the computer once the power is removed from the computer. This device pushes the power button by closing the contacts on your ATX Motherboard when the power returns to the cord.
  • Features:
    • Automatically Powers On ATX based Computer Systems when the power returns to the cord.
    • 5 or 30 second delay before power button is pushed.
      1 or 3 second button depression
      Uses One Slot in your computer (or can be velcro'd to inside)
  • Can be used with any device that requires a closed connection when power returns to the device.
  • Can be used 'stand alone' or with our Remote Power Switch device to activated your ATX System with a phone call or over the web.

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  • List Price: $99.00
    Price: $79.00