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Product Summary

After Sale Firmware Upgrades: Purchase a firmware upgrade from the Tier version of your RPS-ERP-II unit to a higher level with more features enabled. See description below.


Upgrade your RPS-ERP-II Unit to add features.

If your unit presently has Tier 1 Software / Firmware you have the following options:

– Upgrade from Tier 1 To Tier 2 Software / Firmware will add Power Scheduling, and Network Wakeup Options. Cost: $55.00

– Upgrade from Tier 1 to Plus Version will add Power Scheduling, Network Wakeup, Ping Auto-Reboot and Email Notifications to your unit. Cost: $95.00

If your unit presently has Tier 2 Software / Firmware you can Upgrade to the Plus Version:

– Upgrade from Tier 2 to Plus Version which will add Ping Auto-Reboot and Email Notifications to your unit. Cost: $65.00

Quick Feature List:
– Power Scheduling will add the ability to schedule power on / off for each of the individual ports.
– Network Wakeup will allow the unit to send a command to your network adapter that has Wake On Lan Enabled to power on the computer.
– Ping Auto-Reboot will allow the RPS-ERP-2 unit to monitor an IP address. If that IP address fails a ping test after set number of tests, the RPS-ERP-2 unit will automatically either Reboot the device ( Power Off / Power On ), or Power off or Power On the specific port controlling the power to the tested device. Each of the 4 ports on the Remote Power Switch unit can be set to monitor a device using an IP address.
– Email Notifications will allow the RPS-ERP-2 unit to send email to your designated personnel when activities occur to the Remote Power Controller.

Software / Firmware updates are supplied by email. You MUST supply us the serial number which is located on the white label on the bottom of the unit. Please place the serial number in the Comment Section of the online order form. Each software/firmware load is specifically built for your RPS-ERP-II serial number. If you load the software/firmware on a non-matching RPS-ERP-2 unit, the unit will act eratically and will fail to perform as desired. This will also void your warranty. The unit will have to be returned to Deltronix Enterprises for service.

How do I find the Tier Level Software/Firmware Installed on my RPS-ERP II unit ?

Log in to your RPS-ERP-2 unit. The main menu, upper left corner will have a graphic with the Tier Level clearly shown of your Remote Power Switch Device.


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RPS-ERP-2 Firmware Upgrade

Tier ONE to Tier TWO Version, Tier ONE to Tier Plus Version, Tier TWO to Tier Plus Version