RPS-ATX Computer System Reboot Device -Instructions


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To Install

  1. Turn your computer off, remove the power cord and open the case.
  2. Locate an empty slot and install the RPS-ATX into your computer. Secure with the computers mounting screw. The card does not require connection to the motherboard slot as the power is supplied from the included transformer.
  3. Follow the cable from the power on button for your computer to the motherboard. Remove the cable from the motherboard and insert the male cable adapter from the included RPS-ATX cable into the end. Insert the other end of the RPS-ATX cable into the RPS-ATX card. Locate the other included Female RPS-ATX cable and connect to the RPS-ATX card and the motherboard power pins. It does not matter which pins the on the RPS-ATX card the cables are connected. The color orientation of the cables also is not important. What we are doing is setting up a simply cable connection to allow the RPS-ATX to close the contact on the cable,thereby resetting or power on/off your computer, depending on which motherboard pins you have the cable connected to.
  4. Plug the included transformer into the same power outlet as the power cord from the computer. Insert the transformers jack into the back of the RPX-ATX card. The power LED in the back of the card should illuminate. ( If you are using the RPS-ATX with the Power Stone RPS II or RPS-ERP II, then insert the power transformer into the electrical socket of the RPS unit or a power strip being fed by the RPS device. This will allow you to power on / off the RPS-ATX card over the phone or web,(depending on what RPS unit you are using,) and reboot your ATX system. Depending on your setup, you should also plug the power connector for the computer into the the remote power switch, so a power off condition will power down the computer and also power down the RPS-ATX card transformer. Upon power being returned to the devices, the RPS-ATX will push the power button by closing the contacts on the motherboard.)