RPS-SP4L – Remote Power Control Feature List

RPS-SP4L and RPS-SP8L ( 8 port ) Version Features

The RPS-ERP SP4L (4 port) unit comes in 3 versions. The only difference is the software features that run on the hardware. The table below shows the available software/firmware features. The RPS-ERP SP8L is an 8 port version and has limited available using Tier 3 features and includes rack mount hardware.

RPS-SP4L – Version Features

Limited Availability

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 3 Only
4 Port Power Control
8 (EIGHT) Port Power Control
Power Control by Web
Power Control by Telephone
LED Shows Total AMPs Used
Unit temperature shown on login
Power Off / On Individual Ports Automatically by Unit Temperature
Temp in °F or °C
IP and MAC Address Login Firewall
NTP Time Server Updates
Event Log
Save and Restore Configuration
1 User Account
1 Year Warranty
Scheduled Power On/Off
2 User Accounts
Email Notifications
SMS Notifications
SMNP Notifications
4 User Accounts
8 (Eight) User Accounts
Rack Mount Kit Available
Rack Mount Kit Included
Auto Reboot upon Ping Failure
Online Price