RPS-SP4L – Phone Remote Power Switch Instructions


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Operation of Voice Prompt Telephone Access

RPS-SP4L Remote Power Switch1. Login to the RPS-SP4L unit via the web and make sure you have set the telephone access password in the ADMIN menu. The password must be six digits to be accepted by the system. The default password is 123456 . The timeout for inactivity and hang up is approx. 5 seconds.


2. In the SYSTEM > OTHER menu area, enter the number of rings that should occur before the RPS-SP4L unit picks up the phone.


3. Telephone the phone number of the remote power control device. The unit will pick up after the designated number of rings and voice prompt for the 6 digit password you entered in step 1 above.


4. If the unit successfully detects the 6 digit password you will be voice prompted to select one of the following options:

  • Enter 1 to control a Power Port
  • Enter 2 to have the unit tell you the present current (amps) being drawn through the device
  • Enter 3 to have the unit tell you the temperature of the RPS-SP4L
  • Enter 4 to have the unit tell you its IP address

If the unit fails to detect your password or does not respond, double check that your password is correct in the web interface and call back the unit.


5. If your select 1 to control a power port you will be voice prompted to enter one of the port number(s) that are available to you. Enter the port number from your phone. You will then be prompted to enter a digit to turn the power on / off or reboot depending on the status of the port and your configuratin. Enter the correct digit to control the power on the designated port. Hit the # key to return to the main menu.


6. Please note, the voice prompting eliminates most of the concerns about what command (digit) to hit on your phone for an action to occur. It will just take you a short while and a few phone calls to get the hang of using this method of controlling the power ports.