Controlling the RPS-NODE-9255-Wifi by HTTP and Telnet Commands

HTTP Commands to Control the RPS-NODE-9255-Wifi

There are 2 formats available to accessing the RPS-NODE-9255WiFi by http command line. We are assuming the IP address of the RPS unit is in the below examples.

Example 1:

Example 2:

In the above examples admin is the user accessing the unit and pass is the password ( 12345678 ).

https://admin:12345678@ returns the power status of the devices power port. P61=1 is power ON, while P61= 0 is power OFF.

https://admin:12345678@ will turn the power port off.

https://admin:12345678@ will turn the power port on.

https://admin:12345678@ will return the current in the C61 variable.

https://admin:12345678@ will return the temperature in Celsius of the unit.

https://admin:12345678@ will return the mac address of the rps device.

https://admin:12345678@ will power off the RPS-NODE-9255Wifi for 10 seconds and then power ON. This is a adjustable reboot.

Telnet Commands to Control the RPS-NODE-9255-WiFi

Telnet into the IP address of the RPS Unit. Make sure Telnet access is turned on in the SYSTEMS > MANAGEMENT Menu.

Once logged in, you can use the following commands to control the device.

Ioctrl -s p61=0 turns the port off

Ioctrl -s p61=1 turns the port on

Ioctrl -c returns the amount of current being used.

Ioctrl -getvoltage returns the voltage value.

Ioctrl -t returns the temperature in Celsius.

Ioctrl -h displays the help screen.

Ioctrl -getpower returns the power status of the port. 0 is off, 1 is on

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