WiFi Remote Power Switch - Layout - Online Manual

Your RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi Includes:
  • The RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi Remote Power Switch Unit, WiFi Antenna and a standard PC power cable to power the device. ( The 220V EURO Version does not come with a power cable. )
  • Units are shipped individually in industrial (OEM) grade packaging
  • A printed manual is not supplied. We maintain our manual online for this product to allow for updates and revisions as needed. Software downloads are also available 24/7 days per week from this site.

RS232 Serial Port - Allows you to read the status of the remote power switch.
Power Status Indicators - When illuminated indicates a power On condition to the indicated rear power port.
Reset Button - Depressing this button for 10 seconds will reset the RPS unit to original manufacturing settings.
Restart Button - Will power the RPS-NODE-9258 off then on for a complete system reboot.
Link Indicator - Shows the transmission status of this WiFi Remote Power Switch
Network Port - RJ45 Ethernet Port which mirrors the settings for WiFi configuration

Rear View:

4 Output Power Ports - Each ports power setting can be individually controlled within the remote power switches web based interface.
Input Power Port - Supplies electrical power to the RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi unit
Master Power Control Switch - Turns the RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi On or OFF.
Fuse System -Is integrated with the input power port and helps prevent electrical surges from damaging the unit. The RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi comes with 1 spare fuse located inside this assembly. Fuse Type: U/C GFE 10A 250V (PF)
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