RPS II – Remote Control Power Switch Instructions

Accessing The Power Stonetm

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Access from a Remote Location.

If you are calling from a remote location, you must be placing the call from a touchtone phone and the call you place to the location of The Power Stonetm must be “answered” by either
A) an auto-answer device (like an answering machine, modem, fax machine)
B) Let the phone line ring 15 times and The Power Stonetm will go “off-hook” automatically. (The Power Stonetm can be programmed to answer the line after 3 rings using REGISTER 4.)
Operations Note: The Power Stonetm, upon “answering” the phone line (Option ‘B’), will transmit two different types of audible tones signalling the status of power to your selected equipment AND HOLD THE LINE FOR 10 SECONDS. Two low beeps indicate The Power Stonetm is receiving power from the wall socket but is not sending power to your selected equipment. One “beep” signals that electrical power is being supplied to equipment plugged into The Power Stonetm. If The Power Stonetm does not answer and transmit tones after the 15th ring- you have a power outage at The Power Stonetm’s location! Enter your security code ( Default # # 8 8 ) to begin programming the unit.


On Site Programming Access

A TOUCHTONE telephone must be connected to the “DEVICE” port of The Power Stonetm. You may, if you have a modem plugged into the “DEVICE” port, connect your telephone to the “Phone” port on the back of the modem. Then make a phone call to a friend with the attached telephone. Ask them to put down the receiver as you enter your security access code ( Default # # 8 8 ) to configure the Power Stonetm. OR you can simply call the Power Stonetm from another phone to configure the unit.


Interfacing and Configuring the Power Stonetm

To get into Manual Operating Mode – Touch # # 8 8 (Default Security Code ) on your telephone keypad. The “STATUS” light will begin blinking rapidly. Immediately listen for three high-pitched beeps in your handset. Three “beep” tones indicate that you have entered the programming mode and may “PROCEED”. At this time, you can enter a register number (01 to 06), followed by the value you want to program into the register. If the proper register number and programming value(s) are entered, The Power Stonetm will answer with a high-pitched tone immediately followed by a mid- pitched tone. It kind of sounds like “beep-bip”. This means “OK”. If the numbers you enter are invalid (either for the register number or program value), The Power Stonetm will respond with a low- pitched “ERROR” tone. In either case, three “beeps” will immediately follow telling you to “PROCEED”. At this time, you may either access and program a new register or correct the previous attempt by entering new numbers.


Programming Example

  1. You call in to the telephone number for your Power Stonetm Unit and wait for the specified number of rings in REGISTER 5 ( either 3 or 15 rings ) for the Power Stonetm unit to pick up the phone.

  2. Dial ” # # 8 8 ” on your touchtone phone. The Power Stonetm “Audible Readback” Response: Answers with a “PROCEED” tone. The “STATUS” light is blinking very rapidly. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  3. You customize your Security Access Code from # # 8 8 (factory preset) to # # 8 8 9 9 by dialing 0699. 06 selects REGISTER 6 (Customized Security Code) and 99 is the additional numbers that make it custom. The Power Stonetm “Audible Readback” Response : Answers with an “OK” tone, then a “PROCEED” tone. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  4. You change the “Rings To Trip” feature to 2 or less (factory preset 3 or more) by dialing 022. 02 selects Register 2 and 2 means 2 or less rings. The Power Stonetm Audible Readback Response: Answers with an OK tone, then a PROCEED tone. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  5. You change the Operating Mode from Turn the Power On when a Call is received (the factory preset) to Reboot by dialing 013. 01 selects REGISTER 1 and 3 selects Reboot mode. The Power Stonetm Audible Readback Response: Answers with an OK tone, then a PROCEED tone. You have 30 seconds to begin the next command.

  6. You have finished programming the desired feature changes and wish to save them to memory and exit Manual Operating mode. You dial 80 the changes are stored to the Power Stonetm unit and the Power Stonetm hangs up the phone. Your new Security Access Number is # # 8 8 9 9 .