RPS II – Remote Power Switch FAQs


The Power Stone™ – RPS II is basically a power switch that allows you to remote power cycle any device plugged into the receptacle. Think of the device as a wall switch activated with a phone call. The device has manual and automatic modes of operation. In manual mode, you can call into the device and by using your security access code turn the power ON/OFF (or ON, or OFF). In automatic mode, the device listens for the correct series of telephone rings to either reboot (power down, and then power up automatically in about 2 minutes ), toggle the power ( Turn ON if the unit is OFF, turn OFF is the unit is ON ), or Turn ON when a ring is received and then turn OFF within 2 minutes after completion of the call. The unit is fully configurable to work in any of the above modes by using your touch tone phone. For additional security, a user configurable security code can also be entered into the device.


What do you hear when you dial into the Power Stone(tm) RPS II Unit?

What you will hear will depend on the units mode of operation. In manual mode, the device can be configured to pick up the phone after 3 or 15 rings, you would then enter your security code and proceed to instruct the unit to turn the power ON/OFF. In automatic mode, the device is configured to activate in 2 rings or less, or greater than 3 rings. When calling into the device for configuration purposes, the unit initially responds with a status to tell you if the power is ON or OFF. 2 low toned beeps if the power is OFF. 1 short beep if the power is ON. If you want to manually take control of the unit you *MUST* enter a security code initially consisting of # # 8 8. Without this code the unit will hang up within about 10 seconds.


What code will activate the unit to turn the power ON/OFF?

The unit uses your telephones touch tone keypad to input information into Registers on the device which tell it how to operate. For instance, in manual mode, if you wanted to simply turn the power OFF and then turn the power back ON you would.


  • Call into the unit (Default setting is pick up after 15 rings, can also be configured for 3 ring pickup )
  • The unit responds with a short beep telling you the power in ON
  • Enter your security code on your telephones keypad which is initially # # 8 8
  • Enter 010 to turn the power OFF
  • Enter 011 to turn the power ON
  • Enter 80 to have the unit hang up

After each command you will hear 2 beeps and 3 short beeps to confirm the information you entered was accepted. Your computers (or devices ) power has been turned OFF then turned back ON ! Once set to operate in manual mode the device will only operate in manual mode requiring you to call the unit to control the power.


In AUTOMATIC Mode the unit waits for a ring series to perform either a REBOOT ( Power OFF then ON within 2 minutes ), Toggle ( The first call will turn the power OFF if ON, ON if OFF. The next call will do the same.) or Power ON when called ( the unit will turn the power ON for the duration of the phone call and OFF within 2 minutes after hang up.).

You can access the Power Stone(tm) in any manual mode by entering your security code within 10 seconds to change the configuration when the Remote Power Switch Device answers the phone call.


Can I control the amount of time between Powering Off and Powering On the Power Stone™ RPS II ?

YES, if you are concerned about allowing your equipment to power down, you can make 2 phone calls. One to power off the attached device, and then another call to power on. There is a very simple sequence of tones you would send using the keypad of your telephone to do this.


Do you have a web based solution for remote power control of a computer?

YES, check our RPS-ERP II Web Based Reboot Solution which connects to your network and allows remote power control with your web browser or our Advanced Dual Purpose Telephone and Web Remote Power Switch, the RPS-SP4L Model.. We also have available the RPS IV (RPS-4) Dual Port Voice Prompted Telephone Remote Power Switch.


Is there a way I can control the Power Stone™ RPS II with a modem ?

YES, see our RPS Software which will send the command codes to your RPS II. It also allows for monitoring and scheduling of your connected devices.


What are the Electrical Specifications of the Unit?
The unit is rated at 120V 60Hz 15A General Purpose. Maximum Power Output is 600 Watts Incandescent, 1800 Watts General Purpose. The unit is for indoor use only. The units are VERY well made, durable and sealed.


What is the operating temperature range of the RPS II unit?
-30°F to +130°F


How long do I have to activate the unit once I call in?

When picking up the telephone, you have approx. 10 seconds to enter the your security code before the Power Stone(tm) hangs up the phone.


Does the unit need an answering machine to work?

The unit works flawlessly by itself on a phone line to remote power cycle and fully control the power status ( ON or OFF ) of any connected device. It can work also with an answering machine, modem or fax for flawless operation. For answering machine operation you just need a quite section of tape either in your initial message to callers or while entering a message to hit the security codes on your touch tone phone to activate the unit. ( You would configure the RPS II Unit for manual operation, which will allow you to enter the security codes for control of the power. )


I have a ATX type case and power supply being used with my computer. Will this cause any problems ?

This Remote Power Switching Device is just like a wall switch except you call into the unit to give it instructions to turn the power ON or OFF. (flip the switch). The device you have plugged into the unit must be able to be rebooted by cycling the power. Typically (but not in all cases ) with the ATX case, unplugging the power at the wall and then re-inserting the plug will not allow the computer to power up. You have to hit the power button ON the computer to logon. However, depending on the bios of your computer, you may be able to rectify this problem by turning off this feature. See the power management section of your bios to see if the option is available to you. You can run a test to see if the configuration will work by simply unplugging your computer at the wall and re-inserting the plug once the bios has been configured. If your system boots up, the unit should work fine for you. If Not, CLICK HERE for our RPS-ATX add on product!


What options does the Power Stone(tm) have in automatic mode?

The unit can be configured 3 ways in automatic mode.

Configuration 1 – Power ON when a Call is Received – The unit will turn ON when a phone call is received and turn OFF within 2 minutes afterward. Possible Application : Use the device to turn ON your FAX machine when a call is received and OFF when the call is completed

Configuration 2 – REBOOT when call is Received – The unit will turn OFF when a phone call is received and turn back ON within 2 minutes for a remote power cycle. Possible Application : Use the unit to cycle the power on a locked up modem. If the modem does not pick up the phone the RPS II will turn the power OFF then ON to reset the modem.

Configuration 3 – TOGGLE when call is Received – If the power is ON the power will be shut OFF when a call is received. If the power is OFF, the power will be turned ON when the call is received. Possible Application : Use the device to easily cycle the power by just calling the unit and letting the phone ring on a secure phone line.

In automatic mode the unit has 2 event ring modes for activation. Event 1 : When 2 rings or less are received the unit will perform the desired function. Event 2: When more than 3 rings are received the unit will perform the desired function.


The one problem I found if the unit fails to activate.

Some hotels have phone systems which DO NOT allow or CHANGE the tone of the touch tone keypad. The tones are not properly interpreted on the receiving end (the Remote Power Switch Device). Just go to any phone booth and call the unit to access the unit.


Can I run the unit on the SAME modem phone line as my computer?

YES! But you will have to make sure you can access the Power Stone(tm) RPS II and NOT your modem when you call back in to turn the power OFF. You will have to verify that the unit will work through the squeal of your modem picking up the phone. Depending on your modem, sometimes the device cannot sense the keypad tones over the squeal. However, you maybe able to use one of the automatic modes of operation to allow for power down if your modem is not compatible with the manually accessing the device.


Will you ship out of the USA or Canada?

YES. Add the unit to your shopping cart.


What about security of the code to activate the unit?

Any potential ‘hacker’ would have to know that the phone line they are calling has an Remote Power Cycle Device on the line. They would also have to know the activation code (the # # 8 8 ). Now how many times do you go calling around looking for a remote activation unit to start someone’s computer? Very unlikely possibility. We have never had a security problem mentioned to us with a properly setup unit. For added security you can append 2 digits onto the security code (for instance # # 8 8 1 2 ) to fully secure the unit!


What happens if I lose/forget my custom personal security code? I’ve added two digits to the default code but I forgot what they were!

We can retrieve the codes but the unit will have to be returned to Deltronix shipping prepaid. There will be a $45.00 charge for this service. Keep your custom security codes safe!


What is the discount for buying multiple units?

Well, there is not any! Devices such as this typically sell for over $200. WE OFFER A 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and a ONE YEAR WARRANTY for orders shipped in the USA and CANADA!


How long have you been selling Remote Power Switch Products ?

We have been selling inexpensive high quality remote access devices since 1990.


Can I read your Instruction Manual Online?

YES Click Here! For full information.