Programming Codes to Control the RPS-NODE-9255 by Software, http Command Line or Telnet

Controlling the RPS-NODE-9255 by HTTP Commands

You can control the RPS-NODE-9255 unit with commands issued over the http protocol. The commands and format are provided below.

There are two ways to input http commands

Password embedded in http command line:


Password not embedded in http:


Note: If you do not use the password option commandline, you will need to enter the password manually at the browser prompt.  Also the set.cmd command is set (period) cmd, set is separated by a period followed by cmd. Set.cmd

1) Set Power Command

The Set Power command allows you to control the devices power on/off. With this command you can integrate control of the RPS-NODE-9255 through other systems and software.

Outlet – Output 1

Power On: P61=1

Power Off: P61=0

Example For Single Port Control On

Output Returned: P61=1

Example. For Single Port Control Off

Output Returned:P61=0

2.) Power Delay

The Power delay command allows you to delay the set power command.

Example: For 5 Seconds Delay then On

Delay range = 1 – 9999 seconds

For delay power off, replace the P61=1 for Power ON with P61=0 for Power OFF

3.) Read Power Command

a. Test – Set the Port On/Off (power on) or setpower+p61=0 (power off)

b. Now Read the Port

Output Returned: P61=1 for Power On, P61=0 for Power Off

Controlling the RPS-NODE-9255 by TELNET Commands

The RPS-NODE-9255 supports the telnet protocol and can be managed using the following commands from the DOS Command Prompt. You must have the telnet protocol active on your desktop.


9255NTelnet command shell

Please input username and password!

9255NTelnet-> admin:12345678

Connect using the Telnet command at the command prompt or with a Telnet program to the IP address of your remote power switch. Login using the user name and password with a colon : seperating the entries. An example is shown above.
9255Telnet-> help

Available commands:

setpower – Set power status

getpower – Read power status

exit – exit shell

Once logged in, issuing a HELP command will display the various command entries available.
9255NTelnet-> setpower P61=0

Power Status : 0

9255Telnet-> setpower P61=1

Power Status : 1

The SETPOWER command controls the single power port on the unit. P61 is the code for the power port. Zero 0 is used to Power OFF the device while 1 is used to Power ON. You must set the value of P61 equal to either 1 or 0 using the setpower command as shown above.

setpower P61=1 Power ON

setpower P61=0 Power OFF

9255NTelnet-> getpower

Power Status : 1

9255NTelnet -> setpower P61=0

The GETPOWER command returns the power status of the power port. 1 indicating ON and 0 indicating OFF.

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