Wireless / WiFi Remote Power Controller

Date and Time Settings
Current Server Time: Display the current time of the RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi
Time Zone: Select your time zone and if daylight savings is active.
Time Mode: The NTP Server allows the RPS-NODE-9258 WiFi to check with a NTP (Network Time Protocol) to constantly keep the internal clock of the device updated.
Update Time Server: Click the update button to automatically adjust the time of the device. You can also manually set the time of the remote power switch.
Restart: Restart the RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi unit.
Restore: Resets all parameters, except the IP parameters to the original factory settings.
Default: Resets all parameters to the original factory settings.
Upgrade Server: Here you can update the firmware for the RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi.
DDNS Settings
This sections allows you to use the DynDNS ( www.dyndns.com ) service to allow you to access your RPS-NODE-9258-WiFi . Using the DynDNS service allows you to have a subdomain (Example: myRPS.dyndns.com ) that points to the remote power switch which has a regularly changing IP address.
IP Server and CNT
These selections are not active. Look for updates to this section.

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