Wireless Single Port Remote Power Switch – RPS-NODE-9255-WiFi

Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS)

Dynamic Domain Name Services (DDNS) : The RPS-NODE-9255Wifi can use the following DDNS Services: DynDns.org, freedns.afraid.org, www.zoneedit.com, or www.no-ip.com .Enter in your account name, password and the domain name. The RPS-NODE-9255Wifi will monitor its public IP address and forward this information to the designated service. If DDNS service is available on your router, it is recommended to use this option on your router instead of the RPS unit.

What is Dynamic DNS and what can you use it for? Click Here to find out!

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring network devices. This interface allows you to configure the remote power switch to use the SNMP protocol.

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