RPS-ERP II – Remote Power Control Instructions

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Your RPS-ERP II package includes:

  • The RPS-ERP II 4-Port Remote Power Switch Unit
  • Standard US 110-120V Power Cord
  • Units ship individually in industrial (OEM) grade packaging
  • A printed manual is not supplied. We maintain our manual online for this product to allow for updates and revisions as needed. Software downloads are also available 24/7 days per week from this site.

Front Interface Panel

From Left to Right:

  1. Power Reset – Shuts off the power supply to the outlets automatically if there is a short or current overload. Push the button to reset.
  2. 4 LED indicator lights. If the LED is on, the corresponding outlet on the back of the unit is powered on.
  3. RS232 port: Not normally accessed, this port provides the IP Address of the unit which then can be used for software/firmware recovery via http connection. Deltronix support will give you instructions on accessing this feature if necessary.
  4. Output Plug: Allows connection of future daughter devices
  5. Reset and test Power On/Off Switch for each port
    To test the Hardware On/Off switch make sure you have disconnected all devices from the rear electrical sockets. Then press and hold the ON/OFF button ( the one on the right ) for 5 seconds. The RPS-ERP II responds with a short beep which will enable the local power function. You will see the power lights on the front panel flashing and the relay engaging. The numbered light that is not flashing is the rear electrical socket that can be powered on/off. Push the on/off button to control the power. To rotate to the next electrical socket, hit the button on the left with the rotation symbol. To disable this mode, press the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds, you will hear a short beep and the function will be disabled. This function is used to reset and test the relays. Make sure all devices are unplugged from the RPS-ERP II when using this function.
  6. RJ45 Ethernet port for connection to your network.

From left to right:

  1. 110-120V US Electrical input port
  2. The Master RPS-ERP II On/Off Switch
  3. FOUR (4) Individually switched AC Power Outlets